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Tropeaka Acai Powder 450g

Tropeaka Acai Powder 450g

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The Acai Berry is a small, round, deep purple Superberry from the Amazon, that has turned into a worldwide health phenomena, centered around the very popular trend of eating Acai bowls and drinking Acai smoothies.

 Contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals

A low sugar healthy alternative

An energy boosting, high-antioxidant organic superfood

Contains powerful anthocyanin and plant sterols

Known for its effects on glowing skin

Nature's great detox

Perfect for smoothies and smoothie bowls

Full 5 Star health rating (Australian Government initiative)

Certified Organic

 Mix 2 heaped teaspoons into 250ml of water, natural juice or smoothies for optimum results. This Acai Powder is great in smoothie bowl creations,