Give Customers What They Want

Having a café in Australia is hands-down, a great lifestyle choice. Ours truly is a coffee culture, so much so that coffee shops in London and the US are known to advertise that they have Australian baristas behind their counters.

To put it in perspective, our coffee market is worth $4-billion, and Australians sip more coffee beans per person than anyone else in the world.

Our coffee palette is so refined that everyone knows where to find the best cuppa within a 2-km radius of where they live. And the best way to ensure a smooth, steady flow of loyal customers is to give them what they actually want.

Know Your Place

In this world of heightened competition, it’s the businesses that cater to niche markets that succeed. Who is your target customer? Is it an “in-and-out” relationship or an “all-day” hangout that they’re? What’s your demographic’s flavour? How long are they prepared to wait for an order?

There’s a reason that Starbucks failed in our market, and that’s because the brand (who, by the way, hasn’t failed anywhere else in the world) didn’t understand our market and the high standards it had acquired.

Stir Up A Full (Bodied) Experience

Yes, we love our coffee and we’ll do almost anything to get our hands on our favourite beverage but a successful coffee shop creates a fully immersive and appealing experience. Your café’s brand is the sum of all experiences and interactions a customer has at your tables, counters or verandas.

Use your detailed knowledge of your target audience to create a comfortable environment for people to sit back, relax, and order more.

Snappy service, great décor, the appropriate music, the appearance of the store, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee . . . all these factors and more influence the experience for your customer.

Serve Only The Best

Our cafe culture has a taste for rich and intense flavours. Customers know what they like, and they won’t accept anything less than exceptional. Partner with the best suppliers and invest in the best equipment on the market to ensure you consistently deliver quality. Seek out an accomplished and experienced barista to bring it all together, and make sure you train your service staff to be the best in the industry.

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