Top Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Café

The Australian coffee-drinking market is considerable in size and the best cafés are frequented by loyal customer bases. So how do you become the best in your area and how do you increase foot traffic to your café?

Create A Unique Product

Make your menu exciting and unique and offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else. Research your target demographic and develop something that appeals to it. Keep feeding your customer base what it wants.

Wake The Community Up

In today’s world, communities rule and community members support one another. If you want others to support you, go first and support them. Partner up with local business so you can tap into their customer bases. Develop social initiatives and support a local charity or sponsor a local sports team. Become more active in your community and your café will become more visible.

Vouchers And Value-Adds

Your existing customers who already support you are the best advocates for your brand. Reward loyal customers with vouchers, and encourage them to bring their friends along for their next visit with a two-for-one offer. Don’t be afraid of asking: the highest level of endorsement your business can receive is a recommendation from a satisfied customer. So go ahead and ask for it.

Blend Your Brand

Starting with values, develop your brand internally and externally in the most consistent way possible. That means your logo, décor, food, beverage, service, menus, adverts and other brand components must all speak to the same ethos. You don’t need the most expensive brand but you do need to be consistent across every customer interaction interface. Your brand is how customers will identify you so make it bold and consistent.

Service Excellence

Service excellence is a significant component of your brand experience. Efficiency is one component. Upselling and cross-selling is another. Personalised attention is another. And they’re all equally important. Your service team is significant as brand ambassadors so recruit and reward them well.

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