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Differentiate Your Café - How To Stand Out From The Crowd

In today’s ultra-competitive coffee market, if you’re not offering something different, you have to compete on price and that is not a sustainable business model. So you have to boldly go where no cafe has gone before and create a unique experience for a targeted audience. Quality coffee beans are now easily accessible and consumer palettes are becoming more refined so if you really want to tantalise the taste buds (pardon the cliché) then you’ve got to serve something truly unique. What do we mean by unique? Well, it’s got to excite and create desire in your target audience and for sustainability it’s a good idea if your competitors can’t copy it. Easier said than done? Not really; we’ve put...

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Cost vs Quality in Specialty Beverages

Lower cost of goods equals savings — Serving quality equals customer loyalty. Which represents a better value? Every day, Specialty Retailers sit at a crossroads where the decisions they make can either make or break their businesses. The debate has existed since man started trading, thousands of years ago. Do I serve my customers’ products that cost less, or do offer them higher priced, higher quality products? That question is made even more relevant in this down economy. Historically, most Retailers in this economic climate take the “low cost route”. That is an understandable knee-jerk reaction to a problem that needs deeper analysis to get to the bottom-line. But, we are talking about human behaviour in scary financial times.: Your...

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